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Final Fantasy Tactics - Deep Dungeon Maps
Tips and Tricks


Tips and Tricks


  • To collect the items and locate the exits you character need to have the "move find item" from the chemist job class.
  • The character also needs to have low brave so that you don't end up with a lowsy pheonix down.


  • To get your brave down permanently* you must learn the mediator skill "threaten". Every 4 or 5 brave points that are droped during that battle 1 point is taken of the characters permanent* brave. I personally lowered my characters brave to be 17, I have never gotten a peonix down throughout the deep dungeon quest.
    1. *It is permanent to an extent. The brave will stay at the level it is if you leave it alone. But, with the mediator skill "praise", or Ramza's skill "cheer up", you can raise the brave the same way it was lowered. Your characters brave can go up to 97 using this method.
    2. Brave is extremly usefull, youll definately want to get your fighter brave all the way up after you complete the deep dungeon. Brave gives you a higher hit percentage and higher damage.
  • Characters can have their faith permanently raised or lowered in this way also. This is good for your magic casters and your characters in general.
    1. When a person casts magic with high faith, your spell will do more damage than someone with lower faith. Someone getting healed with high faith will have a better chance of the spell hitting, (like Raise, Raie2 for example), and when it hits you will be healed more. 
    2. NEVER RAISE FAITH ABOVE 80. The character will rely to much on God and will want to leave your party. The only peron who can have faith above 80 is Ramza, as he is not allowed to leave.


For all the people who played Final Fantasy XII then wanted to use cloud in Tactics, Cloud is a big let down... Actually, it's not Cloud, he is just as strong or even stronger than Ramza. To utilize his "Limit" ability you need to have the "materia blade" equiped. Well here is the loophole: you can use "limit" if have the weapon equiped, you dont need to actually use the weapon. That may not seem like it does any good, but it does.

  1. First learn all te abilities that you want to use in battle in the "solder" job class.
  2. Make Cloud a ninja, and learn the "two swords" ability. With this ability equiped you can wield two weapons no matter what the class.
  3. Make cloud a knight, and equip the "two swords" ability. In his right hand equip the powerful sword you wish to use (ie. chaos blade). Then in the left equip the "materia blade". Now equip the ability "limit" underneath "battle skills".
  4. When Cloud attacks, (even with his limit skills) he will use the strong sword. Now cloud is actually useable.